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Studio Owner

Director of the Southern California Fletcher Pilates® Program of Study

Fletcher Pilates® Faculty

Professional Fletcher Pilates® Teacher

Kerri began her Pilates practice over sixteen years ago after being hit by a car.  She began with the East coast style of Pilates while attending The University of the Arts, in Philadelphia, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts. 
After completing and even teaching several teacher-training courses with some of the most respected names in the Pilates field, Kerri began to teach Pilates in both a Physical Therapy setting and an athletic setting, working with professional athletes and patients.  She then discovered the work of Master Teacher Ron Fletcher. Her most profound body transformations occurred while practicing Fletcher Pilates® and through the rigorous and demanding study of his lineage, she finally found the depth of knowledge that she had been seeking. 

In 2009 as the only Fletcher Pilates teacher in Los Angeles Kerri opened the first Fletcher Pilates Studio in Los Angeles since the original.  Since then she has expanded her business multiple times and has since gone on to bring the Fletcher Pilates Program of Study to Southern California. She has been featured in Horse and Rider Magazine, on Pilates Anytime, Pilatesology, on E! Network, and has been voted one of the top 20 fitness professionals in Los Angeles,.

Her experience as a student of several Pilates styles, a patient, a physical therapy aide, an artist, and a Professional Fletcher Pilates® Teacher, gives her a singular ability to pass this work on to others. 



Senior Teacher

Nancy began her Pilates journey in 2009 at the Fletcher studio Lone Star Pilates in San Antonio, Texas. She wanted to try something new in the form of exercise and immediately fell in love with the Fletcher breath and movement and the way it translated into her body and mind. After a few years of classes and privates she went on to attend the Fletcher Pilates Comprehensive® Program of study, which she completed in 2012. Shortly after she began working at Lone Star Pilates, teaching classes and privates on all forms of equipment.
Her love of Pilates doesn’t stop with teaching. She’s attended both the Fletcher and PMA conference, where she took many workshops taught by instructors from different branches of the Pilates world. She’s also had the opportunity to take the Level 2 floor work course from master teacher Martha Ramirez and the Hands On course with Fletcher Director Kyria Sabin. Nancy’s love of travel also plays a part in her Pilates life visiting studios from California to just recently London. After many wonderful years in Texas she decided it was time for a change in scenery, and weather, and moved out to Los Angeles to spread her joy of teaching to Californians.
She’s excited to be here and to be a part of the Pilates Bodyshop.



Senior Teacher

Lauren’s been called tough, inspiring, and endlessly energetic. A certified fitness professional for 16 years, Lauren is trained as a “second-generation” Pilates instructor -- she directly studied with Ron Fletcher,who was taught by Joseph and Clara Pilates. She’s worked with competitive power lifters, olympic athletes, and studied alongside physical therapists, chiropractors, and other highly trained fitness experts -- giving her specialized knowledge in areas such as gliding nerves and rehabilitating joints. Using her rich experience and training, Lauren has formulated a unique training regimen that helps her diverse client base build flexible strength.



Yamuna Body Rolling

Fletcher Pilates Studio Teacher

Lupa has been "on the ball" since 2006, after successfully relieving her own extreme low back pain and overall structural issues using the highly effective Yamuna Body Rolling techniques. Continuing Yamuna's work as a full body maintenance program gave Lupa more insight to not only recognizing her body issues but also correcting them. Sharing this work has become a passion. She teaches YBR routines covering your entire body, from healthy foot function to the newer Yamuna Face Massage which addresses issues such as TMJ, migraines, chronic headaches, sinus issues etc.
Yamuna Body Rolling is the small ball therapy AND workout that is really an ANTI-AGING tool. A true sign of aging is when you limit or completely stop activities because your body does not comfortably perform the required range of motion. Join us as Lupa shows you CAN maintain a supple, well balanced body to do whatever you want!



Fletcher Pilates Studio Teacher

Jamile is a Los Angeles Native and has been doing Pilates for over 20 years. While working as an Art Director in the Entertainment Industry she originally turned to Pilates as a release from “being behind the computer”. In 2001, she decided deepen her knowledge of movement and completed the “Dynamic Rehabilitation and Teacher Training program” taught by Dawn-Marie Ickes (founding member of the Pilates Method Alliance) and Allyson Cabot (Balanced Body, Faculty/Master Training Instructor).

A life-long interest in holistic healing techniques then lead Jamile to travel around the world to study with energy workers and shamans. In 2012, she graduated Alberto Villoldo’s renowned Healing the Light Body School of The Four Winds Society. After a serious ankle break in 2013 she returned to Pilates to heal her body.  It was through the process of learning how to walk differently in this world both physically and spiritually that she fell in love with Fletcher Pilates. In 2016, She completed the 600 hr Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program. Jamile brings a unique approach and energy to every session. Her motto: Move. Just Move.  



Fletcher Pilates Studio Teacher

Melissa views Fletcher Pilates as a meditation of movement and finds its demand for precision, rhythm and spirit a perfect complement to her work in film and video. As a former dancer and athlete, Pilates fulfills her joy of movement while keeping her chronic pain at bay. She is particularly drawn to teaching the work for its ability to satisfy her love of exciting challenges - there are no two days alike and she never stops learning!