Pilates Metrics

Pilates Bodyshop is the first and only studio in Los Angeles to use Pilates Metrics. As a client, your history and progress with Fletcher Pilates will be compiled and available for you to have and share with your health professionals and friends.  



The Pilates Metrics iPad app improves the Pilates experience for instructors and clients. Instructors have client history and their preferred exercise library at their fingertips, allowing them to build targeted sessions for each client right on their iPad. The app uses a proprietary algorithm to instantly convert those sessions into anatomy and movement metrics, which can be shared with clients through visual data reports. Clients feel instant satisfaction about the session and see real progress as they build their repertoire.



The Pilates Metrics app will network every Pilates studio in the world. As global usage of the app increases, anonymous data, with all personally identifying information removed, will be compiled and analyzed to optimize approaches to common ailments such as injuries, as well as musculoskeletal and neuromuscular issues. Instructors will soon be able to leverage the combined power of tech innovation and global Pilates intelligence to provide world class service to clients. Through the use of Pilates Metrics, the Pilates industry will create advanced data to prove the preventative health benefits of Pilates and “normalize” Pilates within the traditional health community.