Continuing Education



June 10-11
Former Title: Arcus Level 1 and 2
Duration: 2 Day (6 hours)
CEC’s: 12 (6 per day)

Experience the the joy of "bending the rules" with Arcus.  This beautiful, hand-crafted bar began as a functionally superior alternative to the roll down bar.  Today, Arcus presents thousands of problem-solving strategies that clarify and enhance matwork, reformer, chair, ped-i-pul and tower.  This two day course offers everything practitioners need to begin teaching with Arcus right away.  Beginning with the foundational principles of safety and theory, participants will observe and feel first-hand how the design of Arcus enhances the performance of spinal articulation, pelvic stability, shoulder-girdle articulation and full-body integrated movement. On Day 2, the magic happens when we not only expand our repertoire, but begin to experiment with the many ways that Arcus can be a catalyst for your own creativity as a movement professional.  

Day 1 of this course focuses on safety and teaching over 30 base and intermediate Arcus exercises on Pilates equipment with an additional 75+ modifications for private sessions and group classes.

Day 2 of this course draws upon the creativity that is inherent to Arcus™.  Participants expand their movement vocabulary with over 30 all new exercises and 70+ modifications. This course incorporates cardiovascular elements, double Arcus exercises, Arcus on the Reformer and more.


November 8-12

Enhance your professional teaching practice and develop your movement skills through our exclusive, 5-day Fletcher Pilates® Intensive Licensing Course. This in-depth experience provides the ideal way to learn, and become licensed to teach, the following unique Fletcher Pilates® techniques:

  • Fletcher Percussive Breath™
  • Fletcher Fundamentals™
  • Fletcher Towelwork®
  • Fletcher Floorwork®
  • Fletcher Barrework™



The Fletcher Towelwork, developed and refined by Pilates Master Ron Fletcher over the course of 4 decades, is a licensed body of work unique to the Fletcher Pilates Program of Study. It ranges from simple, yet effective, movements designed to balance, stabilize and mobilize the shoulder girdle and thoracic spine, to challenging and beautifully complex full-body movement patterns. The Fletcher Towelwork technique can be taught in standing, seated and supine positions.



The Fletcher Barrework™ program provides a systematic approach to teaching the Pilates Movement Principles in standing. Fletcher Barrework™ begins with basic leg and foot technique and lower hemisphere articulation, and progresses to an elegant movement syllabus with equal attention to precision and flowing motion. While ballet terminology is incorporated and clearly defined, the guiding intention of this work is to improve lower hemisphere movement articulation, core initiation and to bring the Pilates method to standing.



The genesis of the Fletcher Floorwork® is based on Ron Fletcher’s early studies with Joseph and Clara Pilates and Martha Graham. With a distinctive artistic flair, the Fletcher Floorwork® departs from the classic Pilates Matwork structure while staying true to the foundational Pilates Movement Principles. The basic mechanics of spinal articulation are developed through an exploration of breath, dimension, dynamic and quality of movement. Creativity within the presentation of material allows the teacher to continuously challenge students of all levels. This stimulus of change keeps the student’s mind and body “at the ready.”